About us

Bon Systems, a relatively young company, was founded in 2021 as the holding company for a business group that had taken shape over the preceding 20 years. The origin of this group traces back to the company Contimeta, established in 1932 as a family business. After a prosperous period of expansion into Germany and Belgium, the company faced a challenging phase at the end of the millennium. To turn the tide, Berend van Bon was appointed as the director in 2001, leading to a management buy-out in 2004.

From 2004, the focus shifted to growth. Alongside organic growth, a "buy and build" strategy was implemented which resulted in a threefold increase in turnover over the following five years. In addition to the Benelux and German markets, the group gained a strong position in the Swedish market through the acquisition of ASM in Malmö.

The group's activities expanded from 2016. The acquisition of Tehabo broadened its scope into labeling technology. In 2021, Label Solutions and LabelFlex were added. In 2019, 2021 and 2024, Ultrapak, Jansen- and Afak Techniek were acquired respectively, solidifying a strong position in the market for poultry, meat, and fish processing and packaging.


Due to organic growth and expansions, the company had seven locations in the Netherlands, one in Belgium, and two in Sweden by 2021, with nearly 250 employees and still growing.

To maintain oversight and sustain growth, Bon Systems was established as a holding above the existing companies in 2021. The holding's role is limited to jointly determining the long-term vision, strategy, and ensuring the financial health of the operating companies. Additionally, the holding encourages collaborations among its subsidiaries.

Bon Systems aims for each company to have a solid foundation, enabling independent and successful development. Organic growth remains crucial and acquisitions are contemplated when an external company can contribute to this objective.


Establishment of Contimeta
Berend van Bon appointed as director; Management buy-out in 2004
Strengthening position in the Belgian market through the acquisition of D&B Pack (Gent) and Vromans (Geel)
Acquisition of ASM Packaging Systems (Sweden)
Acquisition of Technisch Bureau Verhagen
Acquisition of Fixfast and Tehabo
Establishment of Rivet-Expert
Acquisition of Ultrapak and Establishment of Balkdragers
Establishment of Parts-Expert
Acquisition of Jansen Techniek, Label Solutions and LabelFlex
Establishment of Bon Systems as a Holding
Acquisition of Afak Techniek and establishment of Tools-Expert